Ex-Deputy Who was Under Investigation, Arrested

Deputy Rivera arrested
Deputy Ramon Rivera

In 2018 a confidential informant told a deputy that Narcotics Deputy Ramon Rivera was pressuring her to get drugs for him.  The deputy went to Lt. Keith Goodell to let him know what was happening.  Lt. Goodell broke protocol and told the confidential informant to record Rivera the next time he pressured her.  Rivera eventually resigned but remained under investigation.  Goodell was fired but contested it and eventually was able to return to work; however, his rank was reduced.  You can read the KSAT 12 article from the original incident here.

On Monday, Deputy Ramon Rivera was arrested.  None of the articles say what the actual charges are but he is accused of making unwanted sexual advances in addition to his attempts to force her to get drugs for him.  Deputy Rivera harassed and pressured the confidential informant both when he was on duty and off.

The amount of issues that have gone on under the Salazar administration, is beyond belief.  The arrests of officers, the death of an inmate, the escape of inmates, a multitude of erroneous releases, the jail out of compliance, the death of a police dog and the one that still sticks with me, the one I don’t feel we ever got a legitimate explanation for, the shooting death of a 6 year old little boy, Kameron Prescott.  To this day I will never understand how the deputies thought shooting at a mobile home was okay and why no one faced any repercussions at all for the poor decision.

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