Ex-Deputy Arrested for Official Oppression

Bexar County Deputy arrested
Ex-Deputy, Taryn Armitage, Arrested

Ex-deputy Taryn Armitage was arrested this afternoon for official oppression.  Armitage got into a fight with an inmate in November of 2017.  Armitage, a 26 year old male, resigned from the Sheriff’s Office in August of this year.  None of the articles online state the amount of his bond or whether he posted it or not.

Salazar congratulated the the Public Integrity Unit and the District Attorney’s Office but it’s unclear as to why it took two years before charges were filed against Armitage.  Deputy Armitage was allowed to keep working for long after the attack but none of the articles state what duty station he was assigned to.  It is unknown if he was allowed to be in charge of inmates again or if they put him in an area that didn’t allow for contact with inmates.

We just don’t have much to say on this.  It’s happened so often that no matter what we write, it sounds like we’re saying the same thing over and over again.

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