Domestic Terrorists Target Governor and Law Enforcement Officers

Domestic Terrorist plan to take over Michigan government
Domestic Terrorists –

Plot for Government Take Over

Federal and State agencies arrested 13 individuals who were planning to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, kill various civilian public servants, take over the govenment, and kill law enforcement officers. These domestic terrorists didn’t just talk about doing it, they took steps to make it happen. Members staked out the Governor’s residence and vacation home, others researched law enforcement officers to see where they lived.

The group built and practiced with bombs with the intent of blowing up a bridge when first responders came across it. They planned on throwing molotov cocktails at responding officers. They engaged in firearm and tactical training and reached out to another group for additional people to help in their take over of the government. Their plans for Governor Whitmer were not decided. While some wanted to hold a sham trial for treason, others wanted to just “cap her” when she opened the door of her home.

Law Enforcement Turns a Blind Eye to Terrorists

Law enforcement officers have given a wink and a nod to all these groups that call themselves “militias”. They’re angry at being called out for aggressive and discriminatory actions and think they have allies within these groups. That couldn’t be further from the truth. These terrorist groups use the terms ‘milita’ to con people into believing they are a constitutionally approved groups, but they are actually working against everything the constitution stands for and they’re using law enforcement officers in their quest for authoritarian control.

The groups involved in this plot were Wolverine Watchmen and the Boogaloo Boys. We’ve spoken about the Boogaloo Boys before. Since then, they have “killed two law enforcement officers in California.” They are against law enforcement to the point of feeling all officers need to be killed. So why would the Wolverine Watchmen join up with them? Because they don’t really care about law enforcement. They believe you are aiding and abetting the very things they are against.

Enemy Among Us

Officers will say that groups like the Proud Boys or even the KKK, support them. Sure they do. As long as you are useful to them. What happens when you disagree with something they want to do, when you’re not in lockstep with them? Let’s face it, these are extremist groups. Unless you are an extremist, you will eventually hit a point when you don’t agree with them. Do you think they will still trust you after you disagree with what they are planning to do? And if they no longer trust you, then what happens? You do realize, at that point, you are a liability for them, right?

These groups are traps. They are no different from the gangs on the streets or groups like ISIS and al qaeda. Once you are in, it’s hard, and dangerous, to get out. The danger isn’t directed just at you. Your family will also be in danger. To make matters worse, these domestic terrorist groups have already infiltrated a huge number of law enforcement agencies and our military. They are looking for disgruntled individuals to recruit, just like ISIS and al qaeda do.

Administrations Need to Step Up

Law enforcement agency administrations need to step up. They need to clearly call out these organizations as terrorist groups and prohibit any interaction with them. They definitely need to stop allowing their officers to interact on friendly terms with them. When ensuring the peace at protests, anyone other than law enforcement officers, medical personnel, and journalists, should be treated the same way. Law enforcement does not need the Proud Boys, white supremacist groups or even biker groups to be their backup. If backup is needed, the National Guard can be called. Any special consideration given to these groups, by law enforcement officers, should be met with disciplinary action.

Giving preferential treatment is a sign of support. Supporting these groups in any way is encouraging these people to believe they are right and will lead to additional acts of domestic terrorism. I guess it coms down to, do you really support law and order, or do you support domestic terrorists? There is only one right answer for Americans, espcially those who wear law enforcement and military uniforms. If an officer does not make the right choice, then administrations need to do everything in their power to get rid of that person.

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