Detroit Police Officer Casually Shoots Fenced in Dog

Detriot police officer shooting dog
Detroit Officer Shoots Dog


Another Horrific Dog Shooting by Detroit Police Officer

For quite a few years Detroit police officers have had a reputation for carelessly shooting pet dogs. As an example, wrote an article titled “Why Are Detroit Cops Killing So Many Dogs?” back in 2016. This is nothing new but no matter how often it happens, it’s always horrifying and rarely seems to be justified. The latest incident is no different. It’s unknown why the officers, including one K-9 officer,  are walking down the street.

Regardless, the K-9 officer walks near a fenced in yard containing two small dogs. Rather than make sure the K-9 cannot get too close to the fence, the officer allows the K-9 to put his nose into the bars of the fence. The small dog, in his own yard, bites onto the muzzle of the K-9. In true Detroit police officer form, the K-9 handler does not try to separate the dogs, instead he pulls out his gun and shoots the small dog. Again, let me warn you if you watch the video below. It’s very distressing. The dog does not die right away. His body flops around in pain. It’s excruciating to watch. 

Preventable Death

None of this had to happen. In fact, it’s criminal negligence on the part of the police officer that it did happen. The death of the small dog is sqarely on the shoulders of the K-9 handler. Not only for shooting the dog but for being the cause of the incident in the first place. He did not keep his dog pulled in. He did not walk enough distance away from an obviously agitated animal. He allowed the K-9 to go up to the fence when no one in their right mind thinks that, that little white dog was the suspect they were looking for. And as expected, the Detriot Police Department won’t release the officer’s name.

The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation put out a call for action. “The officer responsible for the act needs to be held accountable. Call the precinct and Detroit Mayors’ office demanding justice.”

Detroit Officers Kill 2 Dogs. City has to Pay $75,000 in Damages, who apparently is not going to let Detroit hide their dog murdering cops, reported that the City of Detroit just paid out $75,000 in a civil suit over the murder of two pet dogs. Not surprisingly, the police officer who shot the dogs, lied on his police report saying the dogs attacked him. Body camera video showed otherwise. Per the article,

“The body camera footage shows several members of the Detroit Police Department’s Gang Intelligence unit executing a narcotics search warrant. As Miller enters a hallway while clearing the house, a black pit bull comes out of a room and advances toward Miller before he fires his shotgun at it, mortally wounding the animal. But the dog was neither growling nor barking.

A second pit bull enters the hallway. Miller yells at it, and the dog runs back into another room before emerging again and standing next to the corpse of the first dog. It is not barking, growling, or moving toward Miller when he fires at it.

“It’s a fuckin’ homicide scene,” one of the other Detroit police officers remarks as he surveys the bloody aftermath.”

Just 2 of Many Stories

The above are just two of the many incidents of careless police brutality used against family pets. Detroit police officers are an extreme example of this abuse but they are far from the only police officers who are unnecessarily killing animals. We must do better than this.


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