Detention Sergeant Asks 11 year old for Sex

photo of Miguel Ramirez Diaz
Sgt. Miguel Ramirez Diaz

Maricopa County, Arizona

The El Mirage Police Department was (supposedly) investigating a man who was reported to have driven past an 11-year old girl, multiple times on March 2. During two of the drive-bys the man had stopped to ask the child if she wanted to have sex with him. Miguel Ramirez Diaz was identified and arrested on March 11. Mr. Diaz is a Detention sergeant with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and has been with the agency for 18 years.

Mother Calls the Police

According to the article, when Diaz asked the child for sex she replied, “No, I’m too young.” The article doesn’t state at what point the mother found out what was happening but at some point she was made aware of what was happening and was able to get the license plate number and called the police. Per the article,

“As an officer responded to the area, a woman flagged him down, saying she was being followed by a man in a car that matched the previous description.

As the officer was talking with the woman, the suspect vehicle passed by, and she pointed it out to the officer.”

The story is confusing and it’s not just this news organization, others are saying the same thing. We don’t understand why the incident with the 11 year old child happened on March 2, they got a license plate number, yet Diaz wasn’t arrested until March 11 and that only because a lady called police saying she was being followed and the car drove by while the lady was talking to the officer. It’s like they needed the culprit handed to them on a silver platter before they would act. The bit about the officer responding to the area must be about some other random call, since they’re 9 days apart, even though it’s made to sound like the officer was responding to the call about the 11 year old child.

Red Flags Were Ignored

To make matters worse, this was not Mr. Diaz’s first contact with law enforcement regarding his disturbing interest in children. The article obtained additional information on Mr. Diaz.

“The court records show that in 2013 Diaz allegedly followed 9- and 11-year-old sisters as they walked home from school. This was the third time this had happened after the girls’ father confronted him.

In 2015, a juvenile male reported to police that Diaz grabbed a 6-year-old girl by the arm, then let her go and drove away. He allegedly told police that Diaz watches kids in an apartment complex on Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays.”

Sheriff Paul Penzone Comments on Arrest

Sheriff Penzone told the media that he’s intolerant of criminal behavior. But if that were the case why wasn’t something done in 2013 or 2015? Diaz is obviously a pedophile. His actions make it highly likely that there are more victims out there. Why was Diaz allowed to continue in his position with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, after the first to incidents, as if nothing had happened? All police misconduct should be investigated, but especially sexual misconduct aimed at children. This was such a huge failing by Sheriff Penzone.

Sergeant Miguel Ramirez Diaz was arrested and charged with Luring a Child. He was placed on administrative leave. No information was given regarding a bond amount.

The Battered Women and Children’s Shelter Crisis Hotline 210-930-3669

National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-4673

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