Deputy Leads Armed Mob to Black Family’s House

photo of New Hanover County Sheriff's Office
New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office

Another Lynch Mob Situation

A North Carolina deputy will be facing charges for leading a mob of white, armed people to the house of a black teenage boy. Late at night on May 3, Deputy Jordan Kita, who is a detention officer with the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, was the leader of approximately 17 other people who went to the house of Dameon Shepard. Deputy Kita was looking for a 15 year old girl who was missing and supposedly has some kind of relationship to Kita.

Deputy Kita, who was off-duty, was in his uniform and was carrying his duty weapon when he went to Dameon’s house, which is in Pender County. Not only was Deputy Kita outside of his jurisdiction and on a personal mission but when he knocked on the door he was flanked by two men, one with a shotgun and the other with a semi-automatic rifle. Behind the three men were approximately 15 more people. The all white group was looking for someone named Josiah. Dameon told them they had the wrong address and told them his name several times, pointing out the sign on the front yard that congratulated him on graduating high school and had his name on it.

Deputy Kita ignored Dameon’s assertions and demanded to be let into the house. Dameon refused and went to close the door. Deputy Kita stuck his foot in the doorway and again demanded to be let in the house. By this point, Dameon’s mother had woken up and come to the door. She told the crowd to leave. It has not been stated in any of the news articles who called the police but Pender County Sheriff’s deputies arrived and broke up the mob

Rampant Racism

We just found out that a black man was hunted down and killed in what can only be called a modern day lynching and now we have a literal mob coming after another young black man. According to, “The Shepards are one of only two African-American families living in the predominantly white neighborhood.” When Pender County deputies showed up, they didn’t arrest anyone, they just broke up the crowd but it appears they didn’t even bother taking names of any of the people who were there. And if you listen to the press conference Pender County D.A. Ben David gives, you will notice he says several times that if people have information about more people who were involved, to go to him, not the media.

If the deputies had done their jobs correctly, as Pender County Sheriff Alan Cutler says they did, then the D.A. would have the names of the other people involved. The D.A. doesn’t even appear to have information on the third armed man leading the crowd with Deputy Kita. What we have here is white people protecting other white people from the consequences of their actions. You can tell from the press conference that the D.A. and the Sheriff have every intention of continuing to hide information. They won’t even confirm what the connection is between the deputy and the missing girl (who was later found, safe).

And what does Dameon’s mother have to say? From the ABC News article“Coming to the door like that with a mob of people with guns, what do we expect? What were their intentions?” Monica Shepard told WECT-TV. “What if he was the person they were looking for or what if I was not home? What would’ve happened? I don’t want to have that conversation. I don’t want him to be a statistic. It’s scary.” Yes, what would have happened if this mob had found the person they were looking for?

Two Men Facing Charges

Deputy Jordan Kita has been fired from the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office. The charges against him are Forcible Trespass, Breaking and Entering, and Willful Failure to Discharge Duties.  The last charge is one used against officers and indicates someone who willfully and corruptly violates an oath of office.

Austin Wood will be facing a charge of Going Armed to the Terror of the Public. Basically this is another way of terrorizing people while armed.

Neither man has been arrested yet. The D.A. didn’t seem to have information about the third armed man that stood with Deputy Kita, nor is there anything on the mob that was with them. A lot of information seems to be missing. Who was involved? Why were they there? Why did whoever feel they needed to have a group of people? Who organized them? What was said to get people to come? What what were they intending to do?

I suspect these people had every intention of this ending very badly. And I will say that I have no confidence that the Pender County District Attorney or Sheriff will do a thorough investigation. I honestly believe that if the media and the public don’t stay on top of this it will be brushed under the rug.

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