Deputy Arrested for Discharging Gun & Resisting Arrest

photo of Deputy Luis Lopez
Deputy Luis Lopez

Bexar County Deputy Arrested

Around 3 am this morning, the San Antonio Police Department received a call for a disturbance. Before officers arrived the call was changed to shots fired. When San Antonio Police officers did arrive they discovered that Deputy Luis Lopez had fired a handgun 10 times, indicated by the spent shell casings that were found in the front yard, and possibly more. A witness confirmed that it was Lopez who had fired the weapon. Officers also observed that Deputy Lopez was intoxicated. Upon arrest, Lopez resisted officers attempts to handcuff him and “became more violent and threw himself on the ground.”  According to KSAT,

“He smacked the body worn camera off of one of the SAPD officers and refused to let officers close the door on the patrol car “by sticking his feet out” and “banging his head against the windows,” the report states.”

Per, “Lopez was charged with Discharge of a Firearm in a Municipality Population and Resisting Arrest. His bond was set at $5,000.”

Sheriff Salazar Caught in a Lie?

photo of previous arrest of Deputy Luis Lopez
Deputy Luis Lopez

We’ve all heard Sheriff Javier Salazar go on and on about how tough he is and how he won’t put up with any infraction. We’ve heard him say that the reason he is unable to fill the vacancies is because he is so strict on who he allows in. According to Salazar, he wants people coming in to have a completely clean record and he has frequently criticized past administrations insinuating that they hired any and everyone.

When we research a story we look at multiple sites to get as much information as we can. In this case, we came across something unusual. wrote about this arrest but they had a different photo. They had an old booking photo for Luis Lopez. The Sheriff’s Office doesn’t use the height chart behind the person anymore. This indicates that Luis Lopez has been arrested before. According to KENS 5, Luis Lopez has been with the Sheriff’s Office since October of 2018. No blaming someone else here. This is all on the Salazar administration

Why was Lopez Arrested?

So what was the previous arrest for? Could it have been something that would indicate he was capable of the actions he was arrested for today? Did it give the Sheriff’s Office an insight into his character? And why did Sheriff Salazar ignore a previous arrest? Is all Salazar’s talk about being so strict just bluster for the cameras? Is he just saying what he thinks people want to hear so they will continue to vote for him and is gambling that they will never catch him in a lie? I sure do wish one of the news organizations would ask Sheriff Salazar about this discrepancy between his words and his actions. But if they don’t, if they let him slide again, we know what we think about Salazar’s claims.

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