Deliberate Misinformation to Cause Hate and Chaos

Fort Worth Police Call out Tucker Carlson

Fort Worth Police badge
Fort Worth Police Department

In Tucker Carlson’s latest attempts to stir up hatred for protesters and to try to shame police departments into being more aggressive, he made false claims about the Fort Worth Police Department. They have responded.

“This evening, FWPD was notified of a Fox News story reported by Tucker Carlson alleging that on May 31, 2020, protestors looted and vandalized “businesses and dozens of rioters were arrested for this.” Mr. Tucker went on to say that Chief Ed Kraus “dropped all charges against the rioters.” This information is absolutely inaccurate and is not consistent with the actual facts. The only charges dropped were minor misdemeanors which did not involve property or personal crimes. Mr. Carlson went on to say that Chief Kraus suggested in a released statement that he believed those who were committing crimes were officers with the FWPD. This too is absolutely inaccurate and a gross mischaracterization of any statement released by Chief Kraus or the department. Recklessly releasing such inaccurate, unverified information does nothing for the good of the public and simply creates an environment of confusion and bitterness during a time in which so many are wanting their voices heard.

The Fort Worth Police Department would like to reassure our community, our officers, and our nation that our department is committed to ensuring timely and accurate information is disseminated to the public while remaining transparent.”

Statement from Detectives' Endowment Association
Detectives’ Endowment Association

Accusations of Criminal Acts Against Officers

But Tucker Carlson is not the only one trying to instigate hatred against the protesters and anyone who is supportive of them. On Monday night, three New York City Police Officers ate at a Shake Shack and became ill. They believed that bleach had been added to their drinks. Both the Police Benevolent Association and the Detectives’ Endowment Association immediately released statements with the Detectives’ Endowment Association going so far as to say the officers were “intentionally poisoned.”

An investigation of the incident, by the NYPD, came to the conclusion that there was no criminal act. They determined that the likely cause was the shake machine not being fully flushed out after being cleaned.

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