Deadly Negligence by Police Must Stop

photo of hijacked UPS truck
Hijacked UPS truck

UPS Truck Hijacked

Thursday, two men entered a jewelry store in Miami-Dade County, and attempted to rob it. The owner shot at the robbers who shot back, hitting a woman in the store. The robbers then fled, jumping into a UPS truck that was being driven by UPS employee Frank Ordanez. The robbers raced through the streets chased by law enforcement officers from five different agencies. The robbers eventually hit traffic in Broward County, that brought their flight to a halt.

Ego Over Common Sense

This is when the wild west show began. The stolen van was stuck in the middle of 5 o’clock traffic. Innocent people were all around. Mr. Ordanez was being held as a hostage and had been placed in the middle of the two front seats. It’s unknown who fired first but instead of finding a way to keep the innocent people who were stuck in the line of fire safe, the police chose to engage in a gun battle that was guaranteed to end in tragedy.

Not only did the police endanger every person there but they used the vehicles of people, stuck in that deadly situation, as cover while they fired at the van. Those vehicles had people in them. That means the officers were using innocent bystanders as shields to hide behind while they shot at the van. Something like 200 hundred rounds were fired.

Death Toll

photo of Frank Ordanez
UPS Driver Frank Ordanez Killed

Considering the astoundingly negligent risk officers took with so many lives, we are thankful that only four people were killed; the two robbers, Mr. Ordanez and an innocent bystander. Mr. Ordanez, the 27-year old father of two little girls, started working with UPS in 2016 and had just started the new route that ended up costing him his life. Also killed was 70-year old Richard Cutshaw who was in his car, stuck in traffic, at the intersection where the shooting happened. We haven’t found any information on the two robbers. We also can’t find any information on the woman, who was shot by the robbers, in the jewelry store.

How Many Innocent People Have to Die?

I can’t help thinking of the killing of Kameron Prescott. There seems to be a lot of similarities. Officers chasing a suspect, adrenaline pumping, multiple agencies involved, sub conscience competition to be the one who stops the criminal, total focus on the prey, complete disregard for innocent individuals who are in the line of fire, excessive amount of shots fired. This madness has to stop.

Watch the video below to see how extreme the situation became and how unbelievably careless officers were with the lives of the innocent people caught in the middle of that nightmare.

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