Dangerous Officer Finally Arrested for Child Abuse

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office deputy, Timothy Crane, Arrested for child abuse
Timothy Crane


Complaints of Abuse Ignored by Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

(FL) – Pinellas County deputy, Timothy Crane, who resigned while under investigation, has finally been arrested. Multiple complaints of domestic violence had been made to the agency by both his former wife and his current wife with no action taken.

It took Timothy’s second wife, Michelle Fromme, going to the Timothy’s first wife, Samantha, and telling her what she had witnessed done to Samantha’s child. The child abuse was reported to “the Tampa Police Department  and the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office filed the charge on Oct. 9.”

Details of Child Abuse by Timothy Crane

According to the second WFLA.com article, witnesses said the following,

The affidavit details two occasions in December 2019 and April 2020 where witnesses described to investigators spanking that got out of hand. One witness reported Crane spanking the child “26 times” because “he was being rude” and refused to clean up his mess.

Another witness claimed Crane slammed the boy into a door and threatened to “take a baseball bat and hit him in the back of the head so he didn’t have to hear him cry.”

The first WFLA.com article says the following,

Court records show Crane’s wife Michelle accusing him of physically and verbally abusing and threatening to kill his young child.

“He started screaming into his ear and threatening to hit him in the back of the head with a baseball bat so he didn’t have to hear him crying,” claimed Frome.

I felt it was important to list what was originally said. The first quote makes it sound as if Timothy Crane made that statement to the witness, Michelle. The original story shows that the statement was actually made to his son and was witnessed by Michelle. It’s important to understand the level of child abuse going on. Crane was yelling at his 3-year old son how he was going to kill him.

To make matters worse, Timothy Crane’s duty assignment was as a resource officer. Yes, this man was specifically assigned to work at a school monitoring children.

Domestic Violence

Both women claim to have suffered from domestic abuse at the hand of Timothy Crane. After Timothy Crane hunted Michelle down and found her at a friend’s house and banging on the door, forcing the friend to have to call the police, Michelle moved into a battered women’s shelter. Both women have filed for protective orders against Crane which have now been granted.

Nothing Will Happen to Me

Timothy Crane knew that his co-workers would not do anything about his actions and stated as much to his second wife. According to WFLA.com’s first article,

“There was one time he said nothing will ever happen to him because if something did then it would be an opportunity for them (defense attorneys) to go back and appeal some cases that maybe he worked on before, and that would create a big mess,” Frome recalled.

This leads one to believe that Crane knows he has acted in a manner that would cause cases to be thrown out. It’s left to be seen whether the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office will see this as a red flag and start a review of Crane’s cases or if they will turn a blind eye as Crane believes they will do.

The videos from the two different articles have been posted since they have different information.

First WFLA video

Second WFLA video

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