Continuing Problems Under Sheriff Salazar

Erroneously released inmate
Mitchell Boren – Mugshot

Another Mistaken Release

Monday evening another inmate was mistakenly released.  Mitchell Boren, arrested for Assault Bodily Injury, was released outright.  According to the KSAT 12 article, the court had ordered that he be sent to Haven for Hope.  I’m not even sure how many that is so far this year.  I think he was the fourteenth inmate who was accidentally released in 2019 alone but I could have missed some.

Javier Salazar said that the chiefs would be overseeing the process to ensure these kinds of mistakes did not occur.  What happened?  Which chief was on duty when this inmate was erroneously released?  Was there a chief on duty or was that another bullshit line thrown out to the public to pretend he is doing something?  And if a chief was on duty, why did this mistake happen?  Will the chief that didn’t catch this mistake be disciplined?  Will he or she have their name released to the media so they can be humiliated countywide?

Assistant Chief Joel Janssen
Promotions on BCSO Facebook

Chief Avery Walker is the jail administrator but on the BCSO Facebook page a post was inserted that listed the following promotion, “Captain Joel Janssen to Deputy Chief-Assistant Jail Administrator, who will oversee all sections of the Adult Detention Center.”  So now you have two chiefs whose specific duties include overseeing the Booking area.  The jail is a large facility.  I understand that Chief Walker, as the jail administrator, would be very busy with all kinds of paperwork and issues from all the different sections but when you know you have a problem area and you get a second person to help, wouldn’t the smart thing be to have that second person focus mainly on that one area?

And if they did put Chief Janssen over Booking, what has he done to fix the problems?  Where was he when this problem occurred?  Or is he another one was home sleeping in his uniform?

Mismanaging the BCSO Budget

In another KSAT 12 story, Dillon Collier shows how Sheriff Salazar forced sections of the Sheriff’s Office to go in the red because he took money from their budgets to pay for the overtime.  Apparently Mr. I’m-very-transparent Salazar was refusing to tell anyone where he was getting the money to pay for the overtime.  Guess we were supposed to believe the tooth fairy was leaving it for him.  KSAT had a hard time getting the information they requested which seems strange to me.  Finances should not be hidden.  This was their statement on it:

“County officials attempted to block the release of the memo in late June in response to a public information request from the Defenders. Officials claimed to the Texas Attorney General that the internal communications constituted advice, recommendations and opinions reflecting BCSO’s decision-making process and therefore were not subject to open record laws.

The state attorney general’s office, however, sided with KSAT and ordered the county to release the email.”

As I look at the memo that they got I have the following questions.  The first is, are those all the accounts?  The second is, the memo shows those as technology funds.  Were funds taken out of other categories?  Let’s face it, the amount those sections went into the red is WAY less than what was needed to cover the overtime.  More money had to come from someplace else.  Where?  Salazar is still hiding information from the public.

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