Charges Dropped Against Deputy Who Attacked an Inmate

Deputy arrested for assault has charges dropped
Deputy Ta-Vian Gloeckler

Back in September 2018, Deputy Ta-Vian Gloeckler lost his temper, took off his shirt and attacked an inmate.  Unfortunately for Gloeckler the inmate was a much better fighter.  He took Gloeckler to the ground and held him there until Gloeckler was forced to surrender.  The whole incident was caught on tape.  Ta-Vain Gloeckler was arrested for assault and official oppression.

On Friday the 11th, the charges against Gloeckler were dropped.  None of the articles seem to have specifics but it seems like a deal was made for Gloeckler to give up his jailer’s license which means he cannot work as a jailer again.  I’m not sure about this call by the D.A.  Possibly they felt, since neither men had any physical injuries, that it would be more cost effective for the County to settle on a deal instead of going to trial.  I guess it’s possible that a good defense attorney could have made this seem like nothing and convinced a jury that the officer shouldn’t be punished for life for a scuffle, especially since he was the loser.  Yeah, a good defense attorney just might be able to sell that to a sympathetic jury.

Salazar Makes Everything About Himself

What I can say about the whole thing is I’m sick to death of Salazar making everything about him.  According to the KSAT 12 article, Sheriff Salazar said, “From the time I personally arrested Mr. Gloeckler until now, I’ve always believed he is unfit to wear a badge. The prosecution’s choice to force him to surrender his license assures he won’t wear a badge again.”  To begin with, Salazar shouldn’t be personally arresting anybody.  If he is egotistical enough to need to be able to say “I arrested…” then he should have stayed as street cop.  The Sheriff’s job is an administrative job.  Do your damn job, Salazar so maybe, just maybe, the place can run better!  Stop taking credit from the officers!

And Salazar’s comment about how he always believed Gloeckler was unfit to wear a badge is ridiculous.  He tries to make it sound as if it’s some great insight that he has.  Like you said, Salazar, from the time you arrested him.  Duh!  By that point you would have already seen the video.  If you didn’t have concerns about his fitness to wear a badge by then you would be an idiot.

This need to pretend he is doing so much and is so insightful, are the actions of an insecure person.  No doubt he is insecure because of all the mistakes that are occurring at the jail.  The Sheriff’s Office is serious business.  It’s long past time to get serious

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