Bexar Deputy Shoots Man During Traffic Stop

An un-named Bexar County Deputy was making a traffic stop when he became suspicious of the way the driver of the vehicle was acting.  Mario Espinosa Jr., the driver of the vehicle, had a felony and misdemeanor warrant.  According to the deputy, Espinosa was acting very nervous, “jumpy”.  He got back into the vehicle as if to flee then got back out again.

Espinosa called out, don’t shoot me then, again according to the deputy, dived back into the vehicle.  The deputy said he believed he was going for a gun and shot Espinosa.

The reason I keep saying the deputy said is because there is no video.  Why not?  A traffic stop was being made.  Why wasn’t the car camera on?  Why wasn’t the deputy wearing a body camera?  They say there is a witness but what did a person driving by really see or hear?  Nothing has been released about whether they did find a weapon or not.

I have no doubt that the officer will have been found to have acted correctly, it’s rare that they are found otherwise, but when did we move away from the officer being in real danger?  For all he knew the man could have been trying to flee again.  We have become too accepting of any excuse to shoot a person.  Maybe it’s time to start re-evaluating how officers are trained.

Click here for the news article and video by KSAT.

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