Bexar County Jail Fails State Inspection

Though it’s not official yet, only because the report has not been released, the Bexar County Jail has failed the state inspection.  The Sheriff tried to anticipate any problems and had officers do an inhouse inspection prior to the state inspection.  18 areas were found to have issues by the officers.  We would assume that corrections were made but obviously they weren’t corrected sufficiently, the officers didn’t identify all of the problems or maybe our assumption is wrong and the corrections were never made.

We don’t have many details since the report has not been released yet but this is not the first time the jail has failed the state inspection.  The jail also failed its inspection last year, under Salazar.  What we do know about this year’s inspection is that there were some problems with the inmates’ recreational areas and that there were not supposed to be civilians processing individuals in the booking area.

So how serious is it to fail a jail inspection?  Well, it happens to a lot of jails.  They are given a time frame to make corrections to their problem areas so they can pass the inspection.  But if a jail doesn’t pass the inspection it is possible for the state to shutter the jail.  This issue still has not been resolved.  We’ll see if the jail is able to fix the problems the state inspection uncovered.

For more information click here to read the KSAT 12 article.

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