Bexar County Inmate Fernando Macias, Dies while in Custody

On December 17th, just three days after the death of Janice Dotson-Stephens, a second inmate has died.  Fernando Macias’ case is a tragedy.  Macias suffered from mental health issues.  He became paranoid and would not allow anyone to see his mother.  Macias fired at officers when they attempted to access the house.

Officers were going to wait until Macias fell asleep but the DPS SWAT team took over to allow officers to rest during the long stand-off.  We don’t know what went wrong but for some reason the DPS SWAT team started shooting at the house.  Many of those shots went through the wall and struck Macias’ 84 year old mother, killing her and Macias was hit several times by bullets.

Now Macias has died in University Hospital due to natural causes.  Click here to read the KENS 5 article and see the videos linked on the site.


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