Bexar County Deputies Threaten Bar Patrons

Two Bexar County deputies were drinking at Deol’s Sports Bar & Grill on December 12.  The deputies were causing problems by flashing their badges and trying to tell people what to do.  At one point one of the deputies offered a woman $20 dollars for “services”.  The bouncer at Deol’s asked the deputies to leave.

They did leave but came back at which time they threatened to “shoot up the place” and “kill people”.  The Sheriff’s Office has only identified one of the deputies.  Corporal Edmundo Renteria was stripped of his credentials and equipment.  He is on administrative leave pending an investigation.

We do not know why they are not releasing the information on the other deputy who participated in terrorizing the bar’s patrons.  For more information click here to read the NEWS4 article.

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