Best Political Ad is from Texas

One of the best political ads is from right here in Texas.  MJ Hegar is running in a very conservative district.  The odds of her winning it are not good but if voters do take a chance on her they will be getting someone who has a fresh interest in doing the job.  The problem with people who have been in a position too long is that they can start losing that interest.  They start feeling entitled.  They forget about their constituents.  They start working for themselves rather than working for their constituents.  This attitude is exemplified in the video when Hegar can’t even get in to see her own representative.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  There are politicians who have been in office a long time and still have a burning desire to do the best they can for their constituents but it doesn’t seem as if Hegar’s opponent is one of those.  Good luck MJ.

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