Austin Police Department Supports Officer Who Touched Woman’s Breast

Austin Police officer touching woman's breast
Austin Police


Sexual Assault Captured on Video

A video on social media has a lot of people upset. An Austin traffic cop pulled over a woman for various traffic violations. The video shows him take her into custody and proceeding to physically search her for dangerous or illegal items even though she repeatedly asked for a female officer. You can see the woman pulling away from his touch as he passes his arm under her breasts. You can also hear a man yelling, “don’t you fucking touch her like that.”

In response to the video, the Austin Police Department put out a statement, the majority of which relates the infractions Ms. Trevino made that resulted in her arrest. After that, they copy the section of their policy that allows male officers to search a woman, touching her intimately. What it boils down to is them saying, she’s a bad person and policy says it’s okay.

Austin PD Says Allows this Type of Sexual Assault

Personally, I really don’t care what she was arrested for. If she had robbed a bank would it then be okay to rape her? And I don’t care that their policy says it’s okay. Practically every woman has been through the violation of a man “accidentally” touching or brushing up against her body. Police officers don’t even have to pretend it’s an accident. That there is a policy that allows them to touch a woman in such an intimate fashion is a failing, not a defense.

According to the policy, “If a subject requests a search by an officer of the same gender, an attempt should be made to have a same gender officer conduct the search.” I never saw him make any attempt to get a female officer. He immediately informed her that one was not available. But lets say that was the case, no female officer was available, then the Austin Police Department should figure out a work around so women aren’t forced into a position of allowing male officers to grope them.

Let’s face it. If man, other than a police officer, did this to a woman, he would be arrested for sexually assaulting her. Why are law enforcement agencies surprised when an officer sexually abuses females in his custody when the agencies’ own policies encourage those officers to believe they have a right to do whatever they want with a woman’s body, even against her wishes.  It’s time for this practice to stop.


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