Arrests, Releases and Death at the Jail

The Bexar County Jail under Sheriff Javier Salazar, is doing its best to crash and burn.  We’ve never seen things fall apart as badly as they have under Salazar.  The current mess we are writing about in this post includes two erroneous releases, a death and an arrest.

Sunday, July 14 – Erroneous Release.  Nikky Velez was released by the Bexar County Jail even though Mr. Velez had a warrant for a parole violation.  The spin staff at the jail tried to blame the mistake on SAPD but PD pushed back stating that the jail knew about the warrant for at least 13 hours before they erroneously released Velez.  Click here for KSAT 12 article.

Wednesday, July 17 – Erroneous Release.  Trecko White, who had been in the jail on a family violence charge, was released by the Bexar County Jail.  Very few details have been given regarding this release.  The jail is blaming it on clerical error.  According to, White is going to be transferred to Brazos County for a possession of a controlled substance charge.  That leads us to conclude that there should have been a hold on him for the Brazos County warrant.

Thursday, July 18 – In Custody Death.  Leon Julius Casey was found unresponsive in his cell.  According to the spin staff at the jail, he was found unresponsive.  The medical staff tried to revive him but were unsuccessful.  24 year old Casey was in jail for less than a gram of a controlled substance.  While it is entirely possible that Casey could have had a medical condition or been going through some type of drug withdrawal, we suspect there is more to this story.  Time will tell.

Thursday, July 18 – Deputy Arrested.  Deputy Veronica Michelle Dado was arrested for unlawfully carrying a weapon.  The crime occurred in May of 2018 when Deputy Dado was helping someone to serve an eviction notice.  Dado was wearing her uniform and her gun but she is not a licensed peace officer which means it is illegal for her carry her gun while in uniform.

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