Arizona Police Officer Viciously Beats Mentally Disabled Man

Glendale Officer Joshua Carroll
Officer Joshua Carroll


Arizona Police Officer Joshua Carroll has resigned with the Glendale Police Department after investigators reviewed his body cam video.  On June 13 Officer Carroll stopped a vehicle being driven by David Dulaney.  Dulaney is obviously confused and frightened by what is happening to him.  It’s also obvious that Dulaney isn’t comprehending the situation the way an average individual would.

Officer Carroll ignores Dulaney’s issues and continues yelling orders which only add to Dulaney’s confusion.  Carroll’s anger increases and ends up with him tasing Dulaney repeatedly while Dulaney begs for him to stop.  Eventually Carroll resorts to using his taser to viciously pistol-whip Dulaney, opening a gash in Dulaney’s head.  According to Carroll, his actions were based on his fear for his life.

Not surprisingly, Officer Joshua Carroll has received multiple disciplinary actions.  The Glendale Police Department investigation found that Carroll improperly used force in his interactions with Dulaney.  Carroll then resigned from the police department, more than likely to avoid being fired.  The article doesn’t say whether charges are going to be filed against Officer Joshua Carroll.

This is a devastating example of what can happen to a person with mental disabilities when that person has to deal with police officers.  Families are terrified of having to call the police for anything when they have a person at home with any kind of mental disability for fear that instead of helping with whatever the problem is, they will cause harm to the disabled individual.  Police officers seem to expect disabled individuals to act just like everyone else and have no patience when the person is not capable of processing the situation the way most people would.

I sincerely hope charges are filed against Joshua Carroll.  This video was very hard for me to watch.  Police brutality is unacceptable at any time but it’s a whole different level of evil when used against our most vulnerable individuals.


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