Arbitrator Decides N-Word Not a Firing Offense

Photo of SAPD Officer Tim Garcia
SAPD Officer Tim Garcia

Bigoted Officer Reinstated

SAPD Officer Tim Garcia, who was fired in January for using the N-word several times when arresting a black man, has been reinstated.  The arbitration hearing was held back in July but it is common for decisions to take several months.  The final outcome was that arbitrator determined the use of the N-word was insufficient to cost Garcia his job.

This is a very poor decision by the arbitrator.  Law enforcement officers have to be held to a much higher standard.  Chief McManus was absolutely correct in his decision to terminate.  How can the general public have faith in law enforcement when officers openly and uninhibitedly used racially derogatory terms?

You will notice, in the video, that the attorney asked for Garcia to receive back pay for the time he was out along with his benefits.  The article doesn’t state the final outcome of the case regarding that request so we don’t know what Officer Garcia will get.  Whatever it is, you can bet this is just more proof to the black community that they are not respected, or treated fairly, when it comes to law enforcement in San Antonio, Texas.

That McManus tried to fire this officer won’t really be the part that stays in anyone’s mind.  What will be remembered is that Officer Garcia repeatedly used a racially derogatory term while arresting a black man and that an arbitrator felt it wasn’t serious enough to cost a man his career, ignoring the fact that this type of bigotry in law enforcement has cost many black people their lives.

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