Another “Impressive” Selection by Sheriff Salazar

Here we go again.  Sheriff Salazar has found someone else he is impressed with to run the jail.  This is his fourth selection of a  supposedly impressive candidate.  I still remember when he went on and on about how great Bobby Hogeland was and what a great asset he would be regardless of the fact that Hogeland had not one single bit of experience in running a detention facility.  But Hogeland had one thing going strongly in his favor.  He was a friend of Salazar’s.

Then there was Lt. Balditt who was made the assistant deputy chief over the detention center.  According to Salazar she was an excellent choice too.  Laura Balditt was the first to be shoved out the door even though she had more experience than Hogeland, the deputy chief of the detention center.  Balditt was supposedly very strong on jail standards knowledge.  If she was, she took that knowledge with her.  The jail is not going to pass the state inspection.

Then there was Captain Ruben Vela who was placed in the assistant deputy chief  position.  The Sheriff was so happy with this knowledgeable, experienced choice.  Shortly after, Hogeland was pushed out which means that Chief Vela was handling his job, assistant deputy chief, along with the deputy chief’s job.  Two full-time and, I would imagine, highly demanding jobs.  Problems continued to occur has they had been doing all along and Chief Vela was suspended.

The Sheriff did his usual misdirection and scapegoating by blaming the problems on Chief Vela and saying he was doing a nation wide search for the best candidate to run the jail.  Apparently the nation doesn’t have anyone who can compete with what we already have at the jail because Sheriff Salazar promoted Captain Avery Walker to the Deputy Chief position over detention.

Here’s the question.  Is Chief Walker really an impressive selection or is he just another lamb being lead to the slaughter?  I guess we’ll find out.

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