Another Erroneous Release. When Will the Problems Stop?

Another Erroneous Release
Esequiel Hernandez

The problems coming out of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, while under the Salazar administration, are beyond anything ever seen before.  It seems that Sheriff Javier Salazar is just flat out incapable of running an organization of this size.  In the latest incident, Esequiel Hernandez, who had been arrested for DWI, was released without the booking staff setting up the judge-ordered Haven for Hope arrangements.

According to the KSAT 12 article, Esequiel Hernandez was released at 5:45 in the morning.  Once the issue was discovered the apprehension unit was sent out to look for him.  Hernandez was re-arrested at 10:00 am.  While he may not have been out long and he wasn’t arrested for a violent offense, the result of this mistake is that officers had to waste time looking for this individual again.  That’s not something an agency, that is desperately short on people, can afford to be doing.

Also, at this rate someone is eventually going to file a lawsuit against the County for being put through the arrest process a second time due to the incompetence of the Sheriff’s Office.  With the problems being of a continuous nature, it wouldn’t be surprising if the person won.  Sheriff Javier Salazar may think nothing of wasting taxpayers’ money, the rest of us care about our hard-earned tax dollars being thrown away.

The Sheriff’s Office has said that Jail Standards has been notified but what has the S.O. done to fix the problem?  We’ve all seen Salazar try to blame it on some conspiracy.  That’s crazy.  We know he’s not saying that because he’s in campaign mode and doesn’t want to keep offending the officers, but if he believes it’s a conspiracy, how willing will he be to look for the actual cause when finding it could show that he has a bad process, putting the fault back on him?

No other sheriff has had problems to the extent that Javier Salazar has had and there have definitely been sheriffs that the officers didn’t like.  DSABC even had a vote of no confidence against Sheriff Pamerleau, yet the mistakes and officer arrests were no where near this level under her administration.

This is a problem with leadership.  They don’t know how to run the Sheriff’s Office and we are all paying for their incompetence.

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