Another Bexar County Jail Inmate Dies

photo of Joel Sambrano
Joel Sambrano

Inmate Commits Suicide

Another Bexar County inmate has died under the Javier Salazar administration. Joel Sambrano, a 20 year old man, was found hanging in his cell Tuesday morning.  Officers cut him free and attempted to revive him. Sambrano was rushed to the hospital. Hospital personnel worked on him for about an hour but were unable to save Sambrano.

Continuing Problems

We’ve lost count of how many people have died at the jail under Sheriff Javier Salazar. What we will say is that jail is a disaster and it’s costing people their lives. Many may not care about Sambrano dying. He was in jail for Capital Murder, but who he is or what he did is not the point. The jail is supposed to do its best to take care of the individuals in its facility. There will always be people who die in jails but the shear numbers that have died at the Bexar County Jail point to a much bigger problem.

See KSAT article here.

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