Angry Officer Throws Flashlight at Cars

San Antonio Police Department
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Officer Receives Suspension for Throwing Flashlight

KSAT 12 released another article on San Antonio Police Department officers who have received disciplinary action. The main person the article focused on was San Antonio Police Officer Reuben Ramirez. Officer Ramirez received a 30 day suspension for an incident that happened in August of 2019.

Officer Ramirez was working a crash scene on August 21. While working the scene he had interactions with people in two different vehicles. He is accused of throwing his flashlight at a person’s vehicle because the driver ignored his instructions. The driver stopped and Ramirez then berated the driver and accused him of being intoxicated. The article does not say whether the vehicle was damaged. After that, another vehicle ignored his instructions and again, Officer Ramirez threw his flashlight at the vehicle, hitting the windshield. The driver stopped and Officer Ramirez berated her. After she left she realized he had damaged her windshield so she went back to complain about the damage. Ramirez’s response was to ticket her.

Hazards of Working Traffic

Everyone hears that domestic violence calls are dangerous, and it’s true, but working traffic can be just as deadly. Crashes or other emergencies are particularly dangerous. Drivers are too busy trying to see what is happening, to pay attention to an officer standing in the road. Many officers have been hurt and killed this way. I acknowledge that what Officer Ramirez did was wrong while completely understanding his frustration. Still, making false accusations of intoxication and writing a ticket on someone who complained about his unprofessional behavior did not help his situation.

I have no doubt that there are a bunch of officers out there who felt like they were looking into a mirror when they read what Officer Ramirez did. Frustration is normal when dealing with idiots but if you’re not in danger, is it worth receiving disciplinary action for, or maybe even losing your job? Be safe.

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