11 Year Old Body Slammed by Officer

A Saint Lucie County Sheriff’s deputy has conveniently been deemed justified by his boss, Sheriff Ken Mascara, for his actions in dealing with a problem child.  The child in question is an 11 years old sixth grader.  His father’s whereabouts are unknown and his mother passed away.  He has anger and aggression issues and is a diversion program.  We are not denying that the child has issues.  We are denying that the officer’s actions were justified.

Sheriff Mascara is protecting the identity of the deputy who was working in the capacity of a resource officers at the school.  About the only information he is releasing is that the deputy is an 18 year veteran and that this is his first excessive force complaint.  What we can say is that the deputy easily outweighed the student two times over if not more.

The Sheriff is using the students history as justification for the action.  Every article talks about things he did in the past or even that he walked out of the principal’s office.  However, that’s not how situations are supposed to be addressed.  It’s not a matter of, well we know this person has been violent before so we’re justified in walking up and attacking him without justification.  That’s crazy.  The boy does start to run but are we really supposed to believe this deputy who was so much bigger could not stop him without body slamming him?

The deputy literally picks the child up, flips him over in the air and slams him to the ground.  The Sheriff goes on to say the child was taken to the hospital and all they did was put a bandage on his knee as if that shows everything was okay.  It was NOT okay.  No person should be treated this way.

Is anyone surprised that the black community does not trust police officers when this is the kind of thing they are subjected to with no one standing up for them?

You can see the video below or read the Eyewitness News article by clicking here.  From the various articles on this it seems like the incident happened on April 11th but that has not been verified.

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