08/20/2012 – Attacks Against the Jail Continue

Commissioners Court does not have the authority to privatize the jail.  The Sheriff must agree to it.  In a continued attempt to take the jail down Commissioners Court has not only attacked the medical insurance of the Sheriff’s Office’s employees but has refused to accept the conclusion of Jail Standards that stated the Jail was understaffed.

News today included the Sheriff asking for an independent agency to evaluate the jail because of their refusal to accept the determination.  County Manager David Smith and Commissioners Court want to pick the agency.  No doubt they want to try to find an agency that will say what they want it to say.

This website is not affiliated with the Bexar County Jail.  We are a private site that works to help individuals navigate the confusing confinement system.  After researching the topic we have decided that our stance is that jails run by government employees are safer for the inmates.  A safer environment for inmates means more peace of mind for the family and friends of the person incarcerated.

Jail Standards has said the jail is understaffed.  Commissioners Court and David Smith want to find someone who will give them an answer they like more regardless of its effects.


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