08/06/2018 – Bexar County Deputy Arrested for Family Violence

Another Bexar County deputy has been arrested but again, details are skimpy.  It seems Sheriff Salazar is not being very forthcoming anymore.  There is a definite lack of transparency.  According to MySanAntonio.com, Bexar County Deputy Eric Rodriguez was arrested by SAPD for family violence.  Other than that they have his age, the bond amount and that he was placed on administrative leave.  So what did he do?  Who did he assault?  What were the circumstances?  Were any weapons involved?

MySa does say, “More details regarding the alleged assault were not immediately available.”  Why weren’t they available?  Don’t they communicate with SAPD?  Don’t they ask questions as soon as they are informed of an arrest?  There has to be some details given to the magistrate who sets the bond and the D.A. who approves the arrest.

It seems this kind of hiding of information has been how officer arrests are being handled lately.  The Sheriff’s Office is not giving out information.  How many times do you hear a reporter come back later to give more information?  It doesn’t happen.  It appears that the Sheriff’s Office is counting on the short attention span of the media to keep us from finding out what is going on.

Click here to view the MySanAntonio.com article.

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