07/20/2011 – Inmate Death

A young woman housed in the Bexar County Annex died on Wednesday.  The name of the individual and cause of death have not yet been released.

Update: 25 year old Pamela Anguiano was found dead in her cell on Wednesday.  Ms. Anguiano was in a detoxification cell.  She had been arrested for possession of a controlled substance and prostitution.

4 thoughts on “07/20/2011 – Inmate Death

  1. sr

    How is it that this young lady was booked into the Bexar County Jail on Sunday and is found in a detox cell on wednesday. Wasn’t anyone monitoring her? Why wasn’t she provided with proper medical evaluation or care? This is not the first time that the Bexar County Jail staff has neglected inmates with obvious medical needs and left them to die in their cells.

    • admin

      She would have been evaluated by the medical staff which would be why she was placed into a detox cell. The medical staff belongs to the University Health System. They are not jail personnel. The Sheriff’s Office complies with the determination of the medical staff. It would be a liability issue for them if they didn’t. Detoxification cells are checked every 30 minutes. When an inmate dies in custody the Sheriff’s Office must submit all documentation relating to that inmate to The Texas Commission on Jail Standards. They, in turn, review the paperwork and decide if procedures were followed. The Medical Examiner’s Office will also generate a report on the autopsy.

      That’s three different outside agencies involved. Maybe it was something the jail staff did or didn’t do. Maybe it was something the medical staff did or didn’t do. Or maybe everything was done right and it was just something that was going to happen no matter what anyone did. We’ll have a better idea once all the facts are in.

  2. Laura

    I was there…they don’t check u every thirty min like policy..they ignore u most of time call us junkies n tell us w need a fix to get better n are the consequences of being on drugs….the girl had been yelling n moaning for help but yet nobody came this was around2 pm…about 4 :30 when they came with trays finally they found her but if it wasn’t for they had to feed us who knows how much longer she would’ve been there…sad sad sad..it hurt me..

  3. Valerie

    Till this day i wonder what happened to my Little Cousin she was like a little sister to me. Even thou she was on drugs i ever been locked up but i herd in detox it’s not a pretty place to be in. You’ll be ignore called name’s like if u were nobody. I hope they get to the bottom of this cause my little Cousin can be in peace. LOV3 N MISS PAMMY <3R.I.P.<3

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