06/01/2018 – Deputy Ronald Bailey in Trouble Again

In June of 2015 we posted a very short article on Deputy Ronald Bailey being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  Deputy Bailey was able to beat those charges and was found innocent by the jury.  That decision allowed Deputy Bailey to return to his job.

Reporter Brian Chasnoff has now discovered some disturbing posts on Deputy Bailey’s Facebook page.  Chasnoff wrote an article about it in the San Antonio Express News.  He discovered that Deputy Bailey had reposted the extremely racist tweet Roseanne Bar tweeted about Valerie Jarrett, a high level government official in the Obama administration.  And that wasn’t the only racist post on his Facebook page.  This is extremely disturbing in light of all the supposedly “justified” killings of black people by police officers.

The problems with Deputy Bailey don’t stop at racism.  Chasnoff goes on to recite misogynistic attitudes and accusations of violence against women and children.  We do realize that anyone can be accused of anything and that Deputy Bailey was found innocent by a jury in one of the allegations but when you have multiple claims, by different people, of similar behavior you have to start wondering if maybe the jury got it wrong.

So what is Sheriff Salazar going to do about this deputy who is a potential threat to everyone he encounters?  The Sheriff has already shown that he thinks nothing of one of his employees lying on a sworn statement.  He even insinuated that person was a victim.  He had real proof there yet went against the best interests of the citizens of Bexar County.

What will he do about someone who has a few posts that can be used against him but the majority of the accusations are unsubstantiated?  The Sheriff has put Deputy Bailey on administrative duty but how will the Sheriff permanently protect us from someone who is displaying so many warning signs?  We suspect that in the end the citizens of Bexar County will lose out again.

For more details on what Deputy Bailey has been accused of doing go to Brian Chasnoff’s article in the Express News.

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