04/21/2011 – Federal Prison for Ex-Deputy

Ex-Deputy Daniel Melgoza received a 27 month sentence for the beating of an inmate in 2004. Melgoza was charged with deprivation of rights under the color of law for the beating and obstruction of justice for filing a false report. He was found not guilty on two other charges.

One thought on “04/21/2011 – Federal Prison for Ex-Deputy

  1. Arthur

    I know Daniel Melgoza and served with him for several years. I knew him as a good officer who was raising a daughter with problems but he still tried to be the best father possible. It is very possible the Bexar County Sheriff Dept overworked this man with all their overtime hours. Mostly double shifts and he finally cracked under pressure. He should have been given help instead of prison. It’s a shame the sheriff was overworking these people because of their so called shortage of officers. The shocking part was all the officers working in the all the offices, on all 3 shifts in all their jails who were never called to work any overtime. These officers Who worked the offices never worked the units with inmates. These office still work in offices being paid as officers. Civilians who earn less money should be the ones working the offices in order to have and keep a full staff of officers. Millions upon millions of dollars have been wasted for years and are still being wasted today. I notified Kevin Wolfie 3 years ago of the waste. He said in an email that the sheriff was working on it.

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