01/23/2013 – Grand Jury Clears Sgt. Bellino

In October of 2012 Deputy Frank Bellino was involved in a fatal shooting in which 19 year old Joe Guerra was killed.  Joe Guerra had been with family members drinking and arguing.  The argument progressed to the point that Joe Guerra’s brother told him to leave, to go walk it off.  Guerra left but was in enough of a state to cause someone to call in a suspicious person.  Sgt. Bellino found Guerra walking in the street on Culebra.  He approached Guerra and told him to put his hands on the car.  Guerra became combative and attempted to push Sgt. Bellino into oncoming traffic at which point Sgt. Bellino used his weapon.

Update we missed:  On January 23rd of 2013 the Grand Jury, after reviewing video of the incident, determined no charges would be filed against Sgt. Bellino.

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