The PR bonds are done out of the Pretrial Services department.  Their department is an extension of the Courthouse.  They determine if a person is eligible to receive a personal recognizance bond.  Because this is what they are known for they are called P.R. Bonds by the majority of people.  I’ll stay with that name so there won’t be any confusion.

When a person gets a P.R. bond they are signing on their own personal recognizance.  In other words, they are promising to appear in court.  There is a fee for a P.R. bond, normally 3% of the bond, nonrefundable.  The arrested individual will be interviewed by P.R. Bonds personnel.  They will ask for a list of references and will call those individuals to help them determine if the arrested person is someone who has strong ties to the community or is someone who might run.

It’s a time consuming process which keeps them very busy.  However, they are pretty decent when dealing with people on the phone.  They are a 24/7 operation.

P.R. Bonds:  210-335-6315

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    • admin

      Kristal – Quite a while. It depends on what point you got the bond. If you got it as soon as the individual got magistrated you have to wait through the full booking process then the full bonding process. The amount of people being booked adds into the equation also. You can easily wait over 12 hours. If the arrested person is being belligerent or is drunk it may be even longer.

  1. Ashley r

    I’m trying to see if anyone knows if you get charged with assult/family/choking felony of 3rd degree would they still be eligible for a PR bond?

    • admin

      PinkPebbles – The system is set up so that an inmate is screened for P.R. eligibility during the booking process. The jail does this in the hopes that the arrested person can be released before he/she goes to the jail to avoid overcrowding. That’s pretty much his chance to get a P.R. bond.

  2. eb

    I was released on P.R bond and have to pay the 3% i don’t have a job i cannot afford a few hundred will they offer me payment plans option?

  3. Alma

    My brother got arrested on 7/11/15 and was let out on 7/13/15 on a PR bond. On 9/8/15 the deputy went to his house and said that he had a warrant for his arrest. That the judge and the DA had pulled the PR bond. How can they do that.

  4. Misty

    I got a letter in the mail to pick up my baby brother’s property. Do I need to make an appointment or can I just walk in and ask for it? I am planning to go tomorrow morning since it’s my only time off. Please let me know.. Thanks

  5. victor

    I got arrested 12-12-15 for shoplifting first time going to jail or getting in trouble. I got a PR Bond that night. My court date is Jan 25th 2016, My bond was $2,130. How much do I need to pay? And what is the process of seeing the judge? What all happens in the courtroom? They never said I need to call and check in or anything that I need to come to court would that be true.

  6. Ashley

    My husband has been in jail for about 2months the 25th of this month marks 90th day the lawyer said he can get him out that same day if they dont indite him is this true ? Is there a chance he can come out he is on parole but has never been on probation or been to prison and if he does get out can they send him back to jail ?:(

    • admin

      Diana – A PR bond is basically signing on your own good name. You are giving your word to appear. The small amount of money that gets paid is for the processing of the paperwork. With a regular bond you pay the full amount of if you can’t afford that you can go to a bonds company and pay a percentage of the full amount to them. They in turn use their credit to pay the full amount.

    • admin

      Jennifer – P.R. bonds is part of the judicial system. We answer what we can in regards to the jail and tiny amount on other systems that touch on the jail system. Your best bet is to contact P.R. bonds.

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