Classification is not a department that the general public will normally deal with but understanding what they do may help to take away some of the anxiety of family and friends of inmates.  Classification determines many things.  They decide where the inmate is going to be housed based on the type of charge, whether he is to be listed as violent or non-violent, on his gang affiliation, his sexual orientation and various other factors.  They aim for safety for the inmate and overall security.  An individual can be moved to a different location by Classification for various reasons.

Classification is also the department that determines if an inmate is eligible for the MATCH/PATCH Program and for trustee status.  If they allow an inmate to be a trustee they also determine what area that individual is able to work in.  Basically, this department has the final say on where an inmate is located and on what privileges he can have.

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      Mom – Sorry, we would love to help you but we haven’t gotten any attorneys, or bonds people for that matter, to advertise with us. Our numbers are quite good. We think it would be a good business decision on their part but so far no luck.

  1. David

    My boyfriend (we are a gay couple) is in for dealing xanax. I can’t find out if he is in protective unit. They won’t give him mail from me but will allow him mail from his mother.

    • admin

      David – The only reason they would not pass on your mail is if you are violating any policy or you have not addressed it properly. They don’t care that you and your partner are in a gay relationship.

  2. tricia

    Can someone tell me how the jail court works if you have/had a hearing date prior to getting locked up… they just quash the regular hearing and give you a jail court hearing?

    • admin

      Tricia – Courts are assigned automatically by the computer. Some process is set up to determine which cases can be handled in Jail Court. Those cases get re-assigned. The first court assigned is no longer valid.

  3. Michelle

    how do i find out what his location is?? i know its top floor bg….something??? how do i find out so i can address it correctly??

      • Chantel

        Are you sure trustees get 3 for 1? Ive called B.C. talked to sooo many different ppl with different answers..cant ever get ahold of the inmate work coordinator to ask him called early in the morning called lady at the noon let’s plenty of voice messages never got a call back even the trustees will give him different answers than not we get 3 for what I don’t know we only get two for one like you can’t get a straight answer out of Bexar County Central Records for nothing they even told me oh it’s what the judge said so I called the the county clerk and she tells me that they have nothing to do with the you know the dates and how they go about it once they get to jail that the judge is no longer sentence them you know where they get this many days for this many days so Bexar County they don’t none of them know the answer and they just give you an answer so you leave them alone because I called down there today to ask like hey is he going to be released soon I understand that you know you’re not going to tell us that you know this is his release date because he’s a trustee because if he gets kicked out of the program course that’s no longer has release date but now that his you know 341 * up they are still saying no he wasn’t getting all inmates get two-for-one no matter trustee or not so I mean what would make anybody want to be a trustee if they’re not getting a little extra perk out of it

      • admin

        Chantel – We understand your frustration. We deal with it ourselves which is why we created this website. Getting information from the jail is frustrating to say the least. The Sheriff’s Office is the one who decides whether they are giving 2 for 1 or 3 for 1. And they can change it at any time. They don’t pass the information on to other sections, like Central Records. We’ve noticed a definite lack of communication between the administration and the departments that deal with the public. It’s not just this administration either. It’s been like that since we started this website.

        As with any problems where the caller has tried to get answers with negative results we recommend that the caller contact the Sheriff’s Office. We have heard that the regular number does not go through to Sheriff’s administration anymore, that it routes back to Central Records. If you call the Sheriff’s administration offices, 210-335-6010, and it goes back to Central Records tell them you want to file a complaint and want to be transferred to Sheriff’s administration. Don’t let them give you the run-around.

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  4. Priscilla

    My husband was arrested for the first time for Felony possession. After court the attorney said he has 78 days left. My husband is a trustee, but i was told he couldnt get 2 for 1 because of the felony. Is it possible for him to get 2for1 or 3for1 still??

    • admin

      Priscilla – Try asking the officers at the Front Desk. They may be able to tell you what your husband is getting. That number is 210-335-6300.

  5. Sir

    ok, I have no idea as to process or system but my daughter was arrested. She was going to be released but there was a warrant from US Marshals and no bond can be posted. How can I find out the charge and if they will transfer her someplace else.

    • admin

      Sir – The U.S. Marshals will come to pick her up. If it doesn’t show why she is being held in the jail computers then you will have to contact the U.S. Marshals’ office.

  6. Darlene

    If my daughter got locked up yesterday but her attorney says she went in as a trustee and will review 3for1 while in jail. What dau will she actually be out? Is each day since yesterday counted as 3days? Im confused….

  7. Judy

    My son was arrested 9/26/15 in Kendall County for an outstanding warrant from Bexar County. He was not transported to Bexar County jail until 10/3/15. Will the days he was incarcerated in Kendall County count towards time served.

  8. Jennifer

    My daughter is in lockdown is she getting 2 for 1? She jus got sentenced to 25 ‘yrs tdcj time on Thursday. When will they be sending her away?

    • admin

      Jennifer – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that attempts to help people maneuver through the complicated detention system. You will need to call inmate information and they will not tell you when she is leaving for safety reasons.

  9. Vanessa

    How long do you have to be in county jail to apply to be a trustee? Who decides if you get to be a trustee? What are the requirements? Will getting a lawyer help me go in as a trustee?

    • admin

      Vanessa – Trustee status is determined by the jail’s Classification section. Your charge is taken into consideration along with several other factors including whether they need you as one or not.

  10. Edward

    My girlfriend has been in the bexar county jail for 2 and a half months she has been sentenced to go to Henderson rehabilitation center and it has been a month and she hasn’t been pulled.they were waiting for her medical papers and the nurse told me she had allready sent them yet she hasn’t been pulled.court Wii said that by law they cant hold her more than 40 days or they have to let her go. What is the hold up. Her Sid no is ******* could you please check thank you

    • admin

      Edward – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that tries to help people who have to deal with the jail. Try calling the officers at the Front Desk, 210-335-6300, for information.

  11. Pricilla

    My boyfriend started getting a 3 for 1 since he started working in a trustee pod but his release date is still the same when is it supposed to change?

    • admin

      Pricilla – My understanding is that they aren’t supposed to give out a different release date because anything could happen (he could get in trouble) that causes the inmate to have to go back to straight time.

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  12. ShayB

    Hi my boyfriend went to court (signed for his probation) but the judge said he had 30 days in total minus the 10 he’s been in there so (20 more days) for felony charges but he has been working as a trustee in the kitchen would he be getting 2/1 or 3/1? If not could he file for a 12.44 to help get it?

    • admin

      ShayB – You can contact the officers at the Front Desk at 210-335-6300. They should be able to tell you what rate of credit the jail is currently giving.

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  13. Maggie

    what department do i call to find out if someone who was arrested 4 days ago is still in a holding cell, in a jail cell, or in medical ward? will they release that information to me?im his sister.

    • admin

      Maggie – You can call Central Records at 210-335-6201. The location code tells them where a person is. They can hold someone in the holding cells for up to 72 hours but they have to move them to a unit after that. Yes they will give you information.

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  14. Terry

    My daughter was allegedly accused in cap murder , she has mental anxiety and depression some suicidal thoughts!!! SHE not in a gang so she’ll get checked every 15 minutes?

    • admin

      Terry – When a person is arrested they have to go through medical processing. Part of that processing includes questions about their mental state. If they determine she needs to be watched she will be put in a special section.

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    • admin

      Terry – We understand how scary it is for family. That’s one of the reasons we decided to make this website, to try to help people. We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website. We can’t make any guarantees if she’ll be alright. Even the jail can’t make those kinds of guarantees. Most people who spend time in the jail don’t have any problems.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

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