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Central Magistrate (City side): 210-207-7532

The Central Magistrate is often called C-Mag or Mag’s Office.  It is a joint processing area that includes City and County personnel.  If an individual has been arrested for the first time on a charge he will be taken to the Magistrate’s Office to be processed.  (Individuals arrested on warrants go straight to the jail).  The arrested person will see a magistrate (judge) who will decide if he gets bond and how much that bond will be.

P.R. Bonds will interview the individual to see if he is eligible to be released on his personal recognizance, which is sort of like giving his word to appear in court.  While P.R. Bonds is validating the information he gave, County officers will begin verifying his identity which will include taking his fingerprints and photo.  If a P.R. bond is denied, the individual will be sent to the County Jail to complete the booking process.  If it is approved the individual will be released once the book-in then book-out processes are complete.

This system was set up to help with the overcrowding at the County Jail.  But because of this system the Central Magistrate’s Office frequently knows if someone has been arrested before the people at the  jail do.  If you call Central Records to find out information on someone who just got arrested and they don’t show him in the system, try calling the Magistrate’s Office.

NOTE:  City is having some problems with their phone number.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  If it is not working when you call try 210-207-7534 instead.



176 thoughts on “CENTRAL MAGISTRATE

  1. Brittany

    My boyfriend was picked up for dwi & im wondering how long does it take for a judge to see him. He’s been waiting to see the judge. And the judge is there

    • admin

      Brittany – The judge that is on duty will be handling all the bond hearings, signing warrants and other legal documents. It takes time.

  2. James

    My girlfriend got arrested and was magistrated and is waiting in a holding cell. I recently got a new phone number and I haven’t heard from her so I’ve tried everything to get the number to her but I’m out of options. What should I dodo?

    • admin

      James – If there is someone else she would call you should give your number to them so they can give it to her. Otherwise you are going to have to send a letter or wait until you can visit her to give her the new number.

  3. Frank

    My grand daughter was taken to the mag office by the bcso. she called us, and told us her bond was $2,000. I have been checking the mags web sight, and can not find her. she has been there over 5 hrs.

  4. Tammy

    If your loved one is on floor 2 or 4 or 6, what does that mean? I would like to know what types of people my inmate is doing time with.

    • admin

      Teresa – He needs to go to Banking at the Bexar County jail to pick up his property. They are a 24/7 department. The phone number is 210-335-6287.

    • admin

      Mark – We’re getting really frustrated with what appears to be a non-uniform way of making notations. The PRB probably stands for probation. CC usually stands for County Court. We think the last letters are the initials of the person making the notation but we’re not sure.

  5. Norma

    If a warrant is issued for an MTR and the probation officer said she will make sire she can set it up so the offender can turn himself in to a satellite office so defendant can pay the bond and do a walk through, iscan there really b a bond? I always thought that there are no bonds on mtr’s

  6. Ryan

    I’m in the army and one of my soldiers was detained for assault. Bond was set at $3500. What happens if no money for bond is available? And can he be transferred over to the military police?

    • admin

      Ryan – The military police do pick up inmates but we’re not exactly sure what the process is. We believe he has to first be released on the charges that he is being held on.

  7. Crystal

    My daughter is at the magistrate. We did the bond at 4pm today.Can you give me a real time when she will be released? First time ever been locked up fist charge ever and she’s 19. She was crying I just want her out

    • admin

      Crystal – Not an easy answer. It depends on how many people are there at the time. However since you have already posted the bond at least she will not be going to the jail. She’ll be released from the Magistrate’s office.

  8. Anna

    My boyfriend has a warrant for a P.I. and he just got pulled over for having a beer. He will be in jail…how do I know he is in jail. What number can I call?

  9. Manuel

    My son M***** G****** M******* supposedly has 14 charges. Where would I call to find out what these 14 charges entail? I would also like to know where or who I could speak to regarding his bond. Thank you

    • admin

      Manuel – Call Central Records at 210-335-6201. They will need your sons name and date of birth. They will be able to tell you what his charges are and the bond amounts.

    • admin

      Kapryna – Call Central Records to see if he is at the jail yet. They are not going to tell you when he will be transferred, for safety reasons, but they will tell you when he is there.


    my son is in for second assault, can you tell me how bad this situation is? Prison time? Is there anything that can be done? I don’t have any idea what to do. Please help.

    • admin

      Modesta – We recommend that you find out who is appointed attorney is by calling the court his case is assigned to. Contact the attorney for information.

    • admin

      Clayton – Probably district court bond and the letters at the end are probably the initials of the person making the notation in the system. We have not been able to get an answer on that part.

  11. Lindsey

    Admin- Love your answers to all of these comments! Is there a way to get put on a “do not call” list with the Magistrate’s office so they won’t call in the middle of the night for a PR Bond reference for a repeat offender that keeps giving us as his reference?

    • admin

      Lindsey – I doubt they would worry about keeping up with a do not call list no matter how good an idea it is. Your best bet would probably be to block their number.

    • admin

      Vanessa – We’ve had a ton of people ask this question and we have called multiple departments to try to find out. No one has an answer. Someone has to know but we haven’t found that person yet.

    • admin

      Kellie – Looks like he’s getting a PR bond. We think the second set of letters are the initials of the person entering the information into the computer.

  12. Yuli

    My boyfriend is in for aggravate assault with deadly weapon his first offense but hes doesn’t have papers he has court on the 22 of March can someone tell me what can happen to him he has a hold with ice

    • admin

      Yuli – He will be taken to court from the jail but regardless of what happens there he won’t be let out until ICE lifts their hold.

  13. Reagan

    my brother in law got arrested yesterday for criminal trespassing, his mom evicted him and he went back. Anyway. in comments it says denied/lml any idea what lml might mean.

    • admin

      Reagan – We believe that those are the initials of the person who entered the information into the system. We have not been able to find anyone who can tell us what they mean.

    • admin

      Erica – We believe that means he received a district court bond but we aren’t 100% sure. Pre-Trial won’t answer our request for information. We will keep trying.

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  14. Marrisa

    A family member was arrested for murder a couple years ago and awaiting for their sentence. How can I find out what the description abbreviations mean so I know to or not worry?
    Thank you for any help understanding!

    • admin

      Marrisa – Let us know what the abbreviations are and we will try to find out. We have been trying to get this information from them for quite a while but they are not responding. We did get a few answers to some abbreviations. They are on our page What Do Those Letters Mean. You could try going there first.

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    • admin

      Jose – Felony Bond Guidelines. (does not qualify for a PR-bond due to Felony Bond Guidelines). The letters after the slash are the initials of the person who entered the information into the system.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

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