Summer Sausage $3.39

Beef Sticks $0.99

Strawberry Jelly $3.99

Grape Jelly $3.99

Peanut Butter $4.69

Peanut Butter squeezer $0.79

Grape Jelly squeezer $0.79

Jalapeno Cheese squeezer $0.99

Jalepeno cheese Squeeze bottle $4.99

Sardines $1.99

Raisins $5.19

Granola Bar $1.09

Saltine Cracker (1 sleeve) $0.99

Snack Cracker (1 sleeve) $1.29

Pickle Hot $1.69

Pickle Kosher $1.69

Peanuts $3.69

Vienna Sausage $3.99

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    • admin

      Maria – No, you can’t order from commissary. The inmate has to order his own commissary. What you can do is order from iCare. You can find information on this site by going to the category Special Programs and clicking on the link titled Food Gift Packages – iCare.

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